Sweet on Sweaters

I’ll admit I am thinking about being in LA last week for market, sitting on a bench in 82 degree sunny weather eating a $2 taco and nibbling on fresh sliced mango. In reality I am in Chapel Hill, wearing winter boots, and last season’s cashmere sweater, hair in a ponytail waiting for the temperature to drop to 20 tonight. What I need to do is get off my butt and  go try on one of the amazing spring sweaters that arrived last week. I can see them in the window downstairs and I know that having something new would brighten my outlook. The pinks and oranges are perfect for this time of year and would keep me toasty warm for the next few months of winter.Make some time and come in and take a peek at the new arrivals from Minnie Rose, Splendid, White and Warren.

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