It’s Monday. And it’s always difficult to get out of the sleepiness of the weekend and back into our regular routine. We know it’s always tough to put together an outfit on a Monday when all we can think about is getting back in bed! To get you excited for the week ahead, here are some things we’re working on at Uniquities:

– Summer stock coming in daily! If you head over to our home on Facebook, you can see what every store is up to these days. Whether it’s a new piece they want to share or a special look put together by one of our stylists, Uniquities is using Facebook to stay connected with our customers! We update daily with images of the latest arrivals and the greatest pieces. See something you like? Send us a message and we’ll get it to you!

– We’re using Twitter! We are trying to really get into it and get you involved in the conversation! Updates come in all day so make sure you’re following us to stay ahead of the crowd!

– Have you seen our Pinterest!? Loads of things that inspire us, keep our style going or that we are dying to share!

Lots of social media happening for us. As the summer moves along and you find yourself thinking about what to wear to beat the heat, make sure you follow us on each of our pages to be sure you’re in the know about the latest and greatest. You may even find yourself with a special surprise in your inbox!

Happy Summer,


PS – What’re you doing on July 4? We’ll be in town, come see us!

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