Uniquities - Kanga Blanket & Luggage Tag Set

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Every Kanga tells a story: The Kanga is a vibrant piece of material that usually consists of a central design (Mji) and a border (Pindo), and a Swahili proverb running along the bottom some of which are funny, others of which have an important moral lesson and one thing we love about the Kanga is that it’s very much a woman’s world – sometimes the Swahili proverbs seem to be telling the world what the women think – and in that way giving the women a voice.

  • Our blanket has fleece on one side and kanga on the other side.
  • 1 Kanga Luggage Tag

*** Online Exclusive, each set is unique and one of a kind.


100% Kanga Fabric | 100% Fleece


Blanket: L: 56" | W: 36"

Luggage Tag: L: 5.5" | W: 3.75"