Milly by Michelle Smith – New arrivals at Uniquities

milly michele smith new arrivals uniquitiesWho doesn’t love a dress? We do! As the holidays draw closer, we are thinking more and more about dresses. And the past few weeks have seen some real stunners show up at Uniquities. This is the best time to think about dress investments–getting a style that will look amazing now and later. Let me show you some new arrivals from Milly by Michelle Smith that I think are worth the investment!

Just last week we received our first delivery of Milly’s resort collection. Michelle Smith, the designer behind Milly, is right on trend with the colors she produced these styles in: blues and greens in classic shapes, with a twist! Smith has been pushing the boundaries of the Milly look lately and we love her for it! Try out this woven sheath–one of my favorites.

milly michele smith new arrivals uniquities

Who doesn’t love this dress? Wear it now with a cardigan, wear it in the spring with your sandals! Can you imagine wearing this with a beautiful opaque tight and an amazing shoe!? This shape is flattering on most figures and the color will always pop.

Another look from Milly is this strapless number:

milly michele smith new arrivals uniquities

Y’all, I love navy! So this dress is sort of a dream for me! The texture reminds me of the ikat we love in summer, but when done in blues and grays it seems more current, more NOW. Paired with silver jewels and a shoe in any color (EVERYTHING goes with navy), this will be another beautiful addition to your dress closet!

My last fave is this half sleeve sheath in this beautiful green print.

milly michele smith new arrivals uniquities

Ok, so maybe most people wouldn’t be into this for the Holidays, but to me this is PERFECTION. I love jewel tones and there is something so different about jewel tones in blues and greens instead of reds and purples. Clearly, we are into styles that are special and have something to say–and it’s often new takes on classic styles that get us! This dress is super easy and comes in cotton, which we love. Small quantities on all these styles to make sure you will be the ONLY woman in these dresses.

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