Is it just me or is everybody selling their “best sellers” right now? Is everything really an editor’s pick? Are some of these items just things that someone has too much inventory in? As a customer, what do you think? One of my favorite things about Uniquities is that we offer styles in limited quantities. We aim to make the styles you select something special, something you won’t see on everyone else.

For customers, do you like having that exclusivity, when you find that special something in one of our shops that isn’t on everybody else’s Instagram or Twitter feed? We like to think outside of the bag (excuse the purse pun) by helping you decide what will become your new favorite. We want you to know what our favorites are because, well, there are definitely items that arrive and immediately melt our hearts, leaving our closet screaming for more.

But not everything we love works for everyone. That’s why we work hard to get in a selection of items that will hopefully leave you with something you love. Maybe those coated skinnies don’t look super flattering, why not try an amazing black sateen in a straight leg? There are ways of making your style amazing that aren’t cookie cutter. That is what we aim to do for our customers.



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